Country 104 – Guyana (Caribu West Indian Cuisine)

Caribu West Indian CuisineLocation: 3412 Weston Road, North York

It’s not often that a dish really blows me away — but the pachownee at Caribu West Indian Cuisine did.  It’s an entirely offal-based dish, consisting of tripe, stomach, liver, and heart, and it was perfectly cooked to an almost improbable extent.

Caribu West Indian Cuisine

The liver and the heart had a nice meaty bite, but weren’t tough at all; everything else was amazingly tender.  Silky, even, which certainly isn’t a texture I’d normally associate with something like tripe.  I don’t know how they did it, but man, it was good.

It was also quite tasty, with a rich, curry-infused meatiness and none of the overt funkiness you might associate with offal.  It’s got a bit of a kick, which is amped up by the bottle of vinegary hot sauce they have on the table.

Caribu West Indian Cuisine

It comes with plain white rice and a bowl of dhal (creamy lentils) to make things a bit more interesting.

Ordering it was kinda funny.  The waitress looked at me with bemused skepticism and asked if I knew what the dish was.  “It’s a whole bunch of innards,” she explained.  She smiled when I confirmed that I still wanted it, as if I had passed some sort of test.

Caribu West Indian Cuisine

I also tried the chow mein with pepper shrimp, which was tasty enough, with a nice balance of savoury, sweet, and heat, and some very well prepared shrimp.  But the noodles were mushy and the veggies were undercooked; it definitely couldn’t hold a candle to the amazing pachownee.